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By sheikh muhammad ibn saalih al-uthaymeen

The family instituition is the basic of any society and at the core of the family are the husband and wife. The stronger the bonds of piety and love between these two individuals, the more the chances are of pious children, leading to a healthy and virtuous society. This book is a translation of the lecture delivered by the late, eminent Scholar of Islam. Here the Shaikh beautifully summarizes the issues related to the institution of marriage for the layman. What makes this work especially useful is that besides outlining the duties and rights of the husband and wife - regarding which there is much ignorance in society today - the Shaikh also goes on to explain the divine wisdom behind many of these issues, thus establishing the mercy and practicality of the Islamic faith as compared with other religions and ideologies. All sincere efforts have been made to maintain accuracy while translating this book, may Allah forgive us our shortcomings and accept this work from us.

Pages 38

Price: 2.99



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