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Women > 1.Warning from the Dangers of the Beauty Salon and the Hair Stylist

1.Warning from the Dangers of the Beauty Salon and the Hair Stylist

And the Legal Rulings of the Islamic Committee of Major Scholars concerning this Issue.

By Sheikhah Umm ‘Abdir-Rahman Al-Imaam

With Foreward by Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Imaam

The “Hair Salons” are the centers of massaging, fitness, weight loss, and styling one’s hair. They are the centers of destruction towards what little remains of morals; as some of the (Muslim), teenagers and, women spend long hours inside of these centers underneath the machines (i.e. hair dryers); as if they were sitting in a hypnotic trance. This book of mine is merely a whisper to be spread, a shout; that echoes to salvage whatever honor remains.

Amongst the “Hair Salons” and “Massage Parlors” are various forms of lessons for those (Muslim) teenage girls, who frequent them with names of haircuts that are designed by the female stylists. What corruption! The Muslim lands or the Arab countries have not known anything by the name of hair salons, manicures, or beauty parlors. That shameless practice; that spread from the societies of sin and, wickedness the stomping grounds of nudist resorts and, the swamps of immorality of this lewd trend unfamiliar in our lands before this vicious and, westernized attack; that corrupted our Muslim society and, violated the honor of our (Muslim), daughters’ and women’s privacy.

Pages 114

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