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Bidah (Religious innovations)/Extremism/Takfir > 9a. The Khawaarij & Their Recurring Ideologies

9a. The Khawaarij & Their Recurring Ideologies

The Islamic Views concerning Terrorism, Bombings, Hijackings & other Modern-Day Crimes & issues discussed.

By Sheikh Uthaymeen, Sheikh Ubaykaan, Sheikh Bin Baaz, Sheikh Fawzan & many more

Undoubtedly, many people know that the sect that has strayed with regards to the issue of Takfeer, or at least the most famous sect, is the Khawaarij sect. However, one might assume that the Khawaarij mentioned by the Prophet (Upon Him Be Peace) were only those who rebelled against 'Alee Ibn Abee Taalib (RadiyahAllahuAnhu) during that time, those whom he fought severely and killed, and that the issue was finished with that. Yet, in reality, there has not passed a time except that there was in existence a form of this sect, even if they did not adhere to all of their fundamental concepts.
From the most severe of what this nation has been afflicted with is the killing of our beloved Companion, the chief of the believers, 'Uthmaan Ibn Affaan (RadiyahAllahuAnhu) and until today and until Allah wills, is the tribulation of opposing and rebelling against the leaders and those in authority. For this reason, the people firmly grounded in knowledge have stood up in face of this affliction by refuting, clarifying, and publicizing the methodology of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah (the people who follow the Sunnah and adhere to the main body of Muslims), in order to relieve the distress of the nation. Thereby, they support the religion and 'Aqeedah, give victory to the Sunnah and crush the innovations.

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