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Tawheed/Shirk > 7. Al Qawaa'idul 'Arba' Work Book

7. Al Qawaa'idul 'Arba' Work Book

Childrens Textbook Curriculum for Primary School learning levels
Original text of “The Four Principles” Simplified
By the great scholar, Muhammad Bin ‘Abdul Wahhaab.

The Four Principles Workbook is another addition in a series of workbooks which are designed to aid in the effort of providing classroom specific materials at primary School level, which can be easily incorporated and/or utilized in junction with any existing authentic Islaamic-based curriculum. In addition to the workbook you will also find the original text of “The Four Principles” by the great scholar, Muhammad Bin ‘Abdul Wahhaab. A Concise & learning tool for your child absolutely awesome for every household where there is a child! Teach your child at an early stage and instill the fundamental principles of tawheed in their hearts. A simple easy Textbook layout.

Pages 55

Price: £ 5.99



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