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Sickness & Cure > Guidelines & Fataawa Related to Sickness and Medical Practice

Guidelines & Fataawa Related to Sickness and Medical Practice

Ibn Taymiyyah
Ibn al Qayyim
Shaikh bin Baaz
Shaikh Uthaimeen
And The Permanent Committee

The relationship between medicine and human life emphasises its importance, for who among us does not fall sick? Is there anyone who does not face sickness and fatigue after good health and energy?
That is why medicine has its prestigious position and Imaam Ash-Shafi'iy explained this in a breif expression saying:
"Knowledge is only one of two things: Knowledge of religion and that of this world. Religious knowledge is Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) while worldly knowledge is Medicine."
This book is a translation of Al Ahkaam wal Fataawaa as Shar'iyyah li Katheerin minal Massailit Tibbiyyah. It is a collection of various rulings and legal verdicts concerning many of the medical issues that we may be uncertain about. From amongst the issues covered are prayer, purification, fasting and other aspects of worship for the sick. Other topics discussed are rulings on blood donations, fertility treatments and transplants, from cornea transplants to heart transplants, this being a topic that has hardly been touched upon or presented to the English reader before, yet it is something that we need to be aware off.

Pages 366

Price: 9.99



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