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Marriage Family & Home > Marital Discord (al-Nushooz)

Marital Discord (al-Nushooz)

Its Definition, Cases, Causes, Means of Protection from it, and its Remedy from the Qur'an and Sunnah
By Dr. Saalih Ibn Ghaanim Al-Sadlaan

Certainly, security and happiness, regardless of whether talking about the family or the society, will not come about simply through force and coercion. They will not be present through the power of iron or fire. In fact, they can only come about through the rectifying of the souls, purifying of the characters, proper perceptions and sticking to the laws of Islam and acting in accord with them in all aspects of life. If that is present, then the causes for security in society are present and for the family there will be the pillars for continuance and permanence.
If Muslims would return to the principles of Islam and its law, they would find that it has laid down practical and realistic means for solving such disputes. In bringing about a good and proper family and marital life, the Noble Qur'an has laid down a path that solves every problem that could exist between the spouses and has laid down for them the ways of wisdom and stages of behavior that will lead to goodness. There is nothing outrageous about this, since it is the law of a Lord who is Knowledgeable, Aware, who created mankind and knows its hidden aspects and places of weakness.
What then are the laws that bring about this great good of security and tranquility? It is what is known in fiqh, as the laws of nushooz, its cases, its causes, how to be protected from it, and the means to cure the problem.
Dr. Saalih ibn Ghaanim al-Sadlaan was born in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia, in 1362 A.H. He memorized the Qur'an at a young age and studied in some of the most prestigious schools in Saudi Arabia. After completing his Bachelor's from Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University, he completed his Master's at the same University. He then attained a Doctorate in Comparative Fiqh from al-Mahd al-Ali lil-Qudha in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
He has authored more than twenty books as well as numerous articles in various publications. He has also participated in a number of Islamic conferences, including some held in the United States.

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