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Death & Akhira/Signs of the Last Day > The Book Of Janaaiz

The Book Of Janaaiz

Arousing the Intellects With an Explanation of Umdatul-Ahkaam The Book Of Janaaiz - Imaam Taqiyy-ud-Deen 'Abdul Ghani Bin 'Abdul Waahid Bin 'Ali Al-Maqdisee Explanation of Umdatul-Ahkaam By Shaykh Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Uthaymeen

Al-Janaa’iz is the plural of the janazah which is the deceased. It is said that janazah is the deceased and janazah is the stretcher. He is carried on, so the first is higher and the second is lower. What’s intended by the book of Al Janaa’iz is the book (Or chapter ) that has mentioned in the tailings concerning the dead.; From the washing of the body, the carrying of the body and the burying of the body, it is mentioned after the book of prayer because the prayer upon the body is important thing that is done with him and the most beneficial for him, so on the authority of the ibn Abbas (RADI ALLAHU ANHU) that he said: I heard the prophet peace be upon him say "there isn't a man Muslim, who dies and then forty peoples perform his Janazah without associating any partners with ALLAH, Except that he will be an intercession for them"

Pages 90

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