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Death & Akhira/Signs of the Last Day > Death


Shaykh Alee Hasan Abdul Hameed
Translated by the Late Aboo Talhah Dawood Ibn Burbank (RahimuAllah)

The righteous will die,
and the wicked will die...
The warriors who fight Jihaad will die,
and those who sit at home will die...
Those who busy themselves with correct belief will die,
and those who treat the people as their slaves will die...
The brave who reject injustice will die,
and the cowards who seek to cling on to this life at any price will die...
The people of great concern and lofty goals will die,
and the wretched people who live only for cheap enjoyment will die...
Everyone shall taste death...

Includes sections on:
Washing the deceased, burial, shrouding the deceased, funeral prayer, the will, prohibitions

Pages 51

Price: 2.49



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